To shop well you need to know what is in your own wardrobe. This is why our wardrobe analysis and reorganization service is preliminary and functional to a profitable and effective shopping tour.
This service of course takes place at your home, in front of your wardrobe which, once it has been analyzed by our personal shoppers, will take on a new shape. Garments you didn’t even know you had will take on a new life. This service generally occupies a whole day because shoes, bags and accessories will also be analyzed and assessed in addition to your clothing.
Here, too, as in our style consulting, our personal shoppers will give you advice targeted to make the best of what you already have, to give you the courage to dispose of what does not go well with you or does not reflect your style or what, more simply, you do not use because you made a mistaken purchase. You will discover that there are many ways – some even profitable – for giving new life to clothing and accessories you no longer use and at the end of this session you will surely feel as though you have done some wonderful shopping!



Our personal shopping service is fully customizable according to your needs.  We offer shopping sessions for one or more persons and even for small groups.  The minimum duration is two hours but you can also schedule tours lasting one or more full days.  Each tour will be tailored to the customer, considering and in accordance with your budget, with the goal you want to achieve and all other desires you express.  These range from redefining your personal style or searching for the perfect gown for a glam party or an important ceremony all the way up to studying the outfits best to wear at your place of work.  We will guide you on a tour of the most fashionable boutiques in Verona and on Lake Garda, paying special attention to “made in Italy” and to personalization of garments.  You will be able to ask for custom tailoring of clothes and accessories and for those who so wish you will be guided on a visit to the best local Outlet Villages where you can make some incredible bargains!



This is our customized and personal service par excellence.  For the most part it takes place at home and is dedicated to all those who want to revise their look, discover their style and express their personality through their everyday outfits.  Our consultants will provide you with precious tips so you will feel at ease on every occasion.  They will tell you which garments are best suited to your forms and your figure and what colors are the best for you, teaching you, at the same time, to combine and make the most of the important garments you already own.  For those who wish at the end of our session our consultants will create a total personalized look for you, complete with makeup and wig, making you magically ready and perfect for any event or for that much longed-for evening on the town!




SHOPPING ON DEMAND AND GIFT SELECTION: This service is for those who are too busy to go shopping but at the same time need a particular garment or accessory for a special occasion or need to delegate an urgent purchase such as choosing a gift.
Our personal shoppers will follow your instructions and suggest the best to you, providing you with original ideas and advice.  They will then make sure that your purchases are delivered direct to your door or wherever you wish and will solve all problems when it is necessary to change a garment or make some modifications to it.

BRIDAL STYLING: Our consultants will guide the couple to be married and their relatives and closest friends regarding the rules of etiquette and bon ton and to the dress code for guests, in the pursuit of good taste and perfection for what will be the most exciting day of your life.

FOTO SHOOTING: on request, and with the collaboration of our hairdressers, photographers and make-up artists, we will immortalize your new look in special venues, giving you an exciting experience and fantastic photo memories.